New £82,900 Lotus Evora GT410 is ‘exceptional value’

Lotus Evora GT410

The new Lotus Evora GT410 costs £3,000 less than the GT410 Sport. And at £82,900, it represents ‘exceptional value for money‘. Not our words, but the words of a Lotus press release.

Everything is relative, right? Lotus says it has designed the entry-level Evora GT410 ‘to be a more usable everyday car’.

To this end, the Evora GT410 comes with Sparco seats and air conditioning, plus a reversing camera to help with parking.

Apple CarPlay is standard, as is DAB digital radio. Lotus has also improved the sound insulation to reduce road noise. It’s more ‘just add luxury’ than ‘just add lightness‘.

Evora GT410: just add armrests

Lotus Evora GT410 interior

Inside you’ll find integrated armrests and storage bins ‘for greater comfort and practicality’. Time to cancel that order for the Nissan Qashqai, this is the daily driver we’ve been waiting for.

There’s more. Lotus has revised the damper rate compared with the GT410 Sport to create a more comfortable ride. A set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S all-weather tyres will ensure the Evora needn’t be confined to the garage when the weather turns British.

At the back, a larger glass section in the tailgate will make it easier to reverse out of a garage. You can’t only rely on that camera, after all.

Further standard equipment includes cruise control, heated seats and rear parking sensors.

Lotus Evora GT410 launched

If you’re not ready for the soft-focus Evora, Lotus has revised the standard specification of the GT410 Sport. Upgrades include the integration of Sparco sports seats, air conditioning and a premium infotainment system.

Not to be left out, the Elise and Exige can be ordered with optional Touring and Sport packs. As the names suggest, one is for enhanced road use, while the other is designed for track-based frolics.

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