Jaguar I-Pace London to Brussels

Jaguar I-Pace drives THROUGH the Channel Tunnel in non-stop electric car challenge

Jaguar I-Pace London to BrusselsTo highlight the range of the new Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV, a crew has driven it non-stop from London to Paris – and it was literally a non-stop run, because Jaguar even drove it through the Channel Tunnel.

Rather than boarding a train and taking an unsatisfying 31-mile break in the drive, the firm arranged to use the service tunnel that runs between the two main undersea rail lines.

Jaguar I-Pace London to Brussels

Not only did this make for great video, it helped Jaguar demonstrate the I-Pace’s real world range in attention-grabbing style.

It wasn’t even completely flat when it arrived in Brussels, either. There was 8 percent battery charge in reserve, despite the total length of the trip being 229 miles.

Jaguar I-Pace London to Brussels

A Jaguar engineer, Stephen Boulter, did the driving, starting off from London’s South Bank with a fully-charged 90kWh battery. The official WLTP range of this is 292 miles and Jaguar hopes its real-world drive – with both traffic and the summer heatwave to deal with – will give customers confidence.

If you can find a 100kW DC ultra-fast charger, owners can top up a battery from zero to 80 percent in 40 minutes; if they only have an 7kW AC Wallbox at home, it will reach 80 percent in 10 hours – “ideal for overnight charging,” suggests Jaguar.

The firm has an intriguing extra stat, too: the energy consumed by the I-Pace over the 229-mile trip is equivalent to 41 full turns of a wind turbine. Generating it would take, on an average UK day, less than two minutes.

Watch: Jaguar I-Pace from London to Brussels – via the Channel Tunnel

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