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Visit Fully Charged Live and get £1k off workplace charging

Chargemaster PowerchargeChargemaster is a key partner of TV star and electric vehicle evangelist Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged Live car show at Silverstone this weekend – and it is now offering an added incentive to visit: a £1,000 discount code to install workplace charging at your office.

The discount is in addition to the Office for Low Emission Vehicles’ Workplace Charging Scheme grant of £300 per socket (valid up to a maximum of 20 sockets). Chargemaster does qualify it by stating it’s “up to £1,000 per workplace”, but a discount is a discount, one that, it is hoped, will get employees badgering their employers to install EV charging.

Particularly, says Chargemaster, as employees are not liable for any Benefit-in-Kind taxation if they charge at work – a handy incentive for cost-conscious company car drivers who might be considering a plug-in hybrid to replace their fleet-friendly diesel.

Chargemaster’s system uses the same RFID access card as its nationwide Polar public charging network, “creating seamless roaming for employees”. The workplace chargers also feed into a Chargemaster data platform, so users can see live analytics and download reports for accounting.

There’s even the potential to open up the workplace charger for out-of-hours public access, adds the firm – and it’s also a great incentive for visitors.

Chargemaster offers several workplace charging solutions, including a more affordable ‘Powercharge’ unit that costs £795 plus VAT. A Type 2 system (compatible with every EV currently on sale), it has two sockets and offers charge at 7kW.

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