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FREE electric car charging for Clean Air Day 2019

Electric car charging pointAn electric vehicle charging network is today allowing free EV charging across its entire UK network of public charge points for Clean Air Day 2019.

Pod Point operates 2,000 public chargers in the UK, and each will be eligible for the free charging offer.

Founder and CEO Erik Fairbairn said he hoped it will “build understanding of the causes of air pollution and how EVs can be a part of the solution”.

Erik Fairbairn Pod Point CEO and Founder

The free EV charging offer started at midnight on 20 June and runs for a full 24 hours. Those using the company’s app will charge and pay as usual; they will be reimbursed a few days later.

“Initiatives like Clean Air Day are really important in raising awareness that dirty air affects every single one of us.”

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The firm points to a Friends of the Earth survey from back in February, stating that over 1,700 UK locations suffer air pollution in excess of safety limits.

Across Europe, road transport contributes 30 percent of NOx emissions, which is estimated to annually cost £6 billion.

Not only do electric vehicles emit zero exhaust emissions, said Fairbairn, but they also produce lower greenhouse gases over their whole lifecycle.

Own an EV and want to take advantage of Pod Point’s free charging offer? Use the company’s website to create an account and find a charger near you.

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