Forza Ford: you can now drive a classic Transit in Horizon 4

Classic Ford Transit on Forza Horizon

Never mind the McLaren Senna, Bugatti Chiron or even the Ford GT. You can now buy, modify and drive a classic 1965 Ford Transit van in Forza Horizon 4.

Ford Transit: from reality to virtual

Ford of Britain allowed the eggheads from Forza’s modelling and photography team to use its immaculate 1965 Transit to help bring the digital version to life.

First, over 1,000 photographs of the vehicle are taken. These are then sent to the modelling people, who develop the car in the game based on the imagery.

Every angle and every detail is captured and recreated for the game.

The Transit joins a range of cool Fords available in Horizon 4, including the GT supercar and Ranger Raptor pick-up. The Ford GT was, in fact, the cover star for 2015’s Forza Motorsport 6.

It’s not going to keep up with them, mind, with its humble 75hp engine. Unless of course, you decide to modify it…

“The Ford Transit is such a unique car that we wanted to have the very first one in the game” said Miko Russell, Forza Horizon 4 photographer. “We like to switch it up on people a little bit!”

Classic Ford Transit on Forza Horizon

The Transit is a curious addition to a range of sports and performance cars, although it’s entirely appropriate given the game’s UK setting. 

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