You can now use Waze via your Ford's infotainment system

You can now use Waze via your Ford’s infotainment system

You can now use Waze via your Ford's infotainment system

Waze is the navigation app that’s proving a hit with drivers keen to beat the traffic. However, car manufacturers continue to give it the cold shoulder in favour of their own in-built nav systems. Until now.

At this week’s CES tech show in Las Vegas, Ford has announced the integration of Waze with Ford’s SYNC AppLink system. That means anyone buying a 2018 Ford equipped with the SYNC 3 infotainment system will be able to view the app through the car’s built-in touchscreen display.

All you’ll need to do is plug your smartphone into the car via its USB socket and Waze will be projected onto the car’s display screen. This will allow you to view real-time traffic information and control the app using voice commands.

Last year, Waze was launched for Android Auto, but iPhone users haven’t been able to use the app through their car’s touchscreen as it isn’t CarPlay compatible.

If you already own a SYNC 3-equipped Ford, you’ll be able to install an over-the-air update to enable Waze compatibility.

“Our goal is to bring a human-centered approach to technology in the vehicle, making it as easy as possible for people to integrate the tools that matter most to them,” said Ford’s executive director, connected vehicle and services, Don Butler. “With the flexibility of our SYNC 3 software and AppLink, customers can easily use Waze to get all the traffic and navigation help they need – on a big screen and without having to fiddle around with their phones while driving.”

How does Waze work?

You can now use Waze via your Ford's infotainment system

Waze uses crowd-sourced data to provide optimal driving directions and traffic updates, helping you avoid traffic where possible. Simply input your destination and drive with the app open and you’ll be contributing to Waze’s community of users – and benefit by receiving real-time updates of traffic and incidents ahead, allowing you to alter your route if necessary.

The app provides a realistic arrival time as soon as you plan a route, and keeps this updated throughout the journey. It’s free to download and is compatible with most smartphones, including Android and Apple.

More than 100 million motorists use Waze worldwide, providing information on incidents, closed roads and traffic – helping each other to save time.

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