Ford creates brilliant ‘stay at home rally’ video with toy Fiesta

Ford stop motion rally

Ford has come up with a novel way to remind us of the importance of staying at home. Forget Gymkhana and Snowkhana, this is more Sinkkhana and Lavkhana. Other ‘khanas’ are available.

The stay at home rally uses stop motion animation to turn the home into a playground. Watch as Mental_Block takes his Ford Fiesta on a tour of the living room, bathroom, toilet, kitchen and bedroom. Look closely and you’ll spot a reference to Peppa Pig.

Cleverly, the video highlights the need to wash our hands, sneeze into a tissue and keep our distance. Mental_Block also finds the time to deliver some groceries to his elephant friend. We’re guessing he carried the shopping in the trunk…

The short video is part of Ford’s family fun hub, where you’ll find things to keep the young – and the young at heart – busy during the lockdown. There are mazes, spot the difference games, dot to dots and the opportunity to make your own Ford Puma. The new one, not the original.

Ford EcoSport outline

You can even download a selection of black and white outlines for some ‘crayon fun’. May we humbly suggest that you use ‘ASBO orange’ for the Ford Focus ST? A vanishing pen would be our recommendation for the Ford Ecosport.

It’s all a bit of fun – and it could be the escapism you need.

Stop motion tips

Ford has some tips for anyone who fancies creating a stop motion video of their own. These include:

  • Download an app to your smartphone or tablet
  • Keep your camera still and in one position
  • Shoot in artificial light
  • Have patience – this is a time-consuming process
  • Take a break

You might want to make sure there’s nobody in the loo before you go charging in with your Hot Wheels and camera.

Ford GT spot the difference

Click here to visit the Ford family fun hub. Good luck creating your own stop motion movies.

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