Ford and Amazon Key In Car Delivery

Amazon can now deliver packages directly to your Ford car

Ford and Amazon Key In Car DeliveryOwners of Ford and Lincolns in a number of American cities will no longer need to worry about waiting around to accept delivery of bulky Amazon packages.

The Blue Oval has announced a partnership with Amazon, expanding its Key In-Car delivery service to include certain Ford and Lincoln models.

Similar to the In-home service already offered by Amazon for customers with smart locks on their home, Key In-Car delivery aims to eliminate parcel anxiety with connected technology.

Ford and Amazon Key In Car DeliveryIn order to use the Key In-Car service, owners will need either a 2017 or later model year Ford, or 2018 and later model year Lincoln, equipped with FordPass or Lincoln Connect.

By downloading the FordPass or Lincoln Way app, owners can then activate their car as eligible for In-Car deliveries.

Once setup as a delivery option within Amazon Prime, Fords and Lincolns will then be ready to wait around for packages to turn up – letting their owners do other things.

Ford and Amazon Key In Car DeliveryAmazon will send notifications leading up to the delivery, and owners must park their vehicles within two blocks of their listed delivery address.

Once the delivery drivers arrives at the car, it will automatically unlock, allowing the package to be placed inside. Notifications are also sent to confirm that the car has been relocked after the delivery is made.

Owners can also change their mind on the day of delivery, blocking access to their car and having their items delivered to their property instead.

Ford and Amazon Key In Car DeliveryFord’s is the latest manufacturer to team up with Amazon for Key In-Car delivery.

The service is already offered for certain connected Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles, whilst Volvo also offers it as part of the On Call account.

In the Czech Republic, Skoda has also begun trials of online deliveries in partnership with two of the biggest online retailers in the country, and

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