Is expensive parking killing the high street?

Expensive high-street parking

The dwindling popularity of the local high street among shoppers is often blamed on the rise of online shopping. Now, however, expensive parking is copping some of the flack for the decline of local in-person shopping.

Even compared to a year ago, shoppers are spending less time on the high street. This, according to research by YourParkingSpace. Four in ten said they shop less frequently compared to last year, while one in ten said that the high street was just a once-yearly visit.

Expensive high-street parking

While 40 percent cited the ease of online shopping as a reason they don’t venture out, expensive parking came in as the second-biggest factor. Seventeen percent of respondents said that pricey parking put them off heading into town for a shopping visit.

However, cars are still the most popular way to get there, with over half saying they drive into town. That compares with just 12 percent that say they take the bus.

In spite of their aversion to it, respondents did seem optimistic about the future of the British high street. Three in ten said that would adapt and ultimately survive these trying times.

Parking for less

Expensive high-street parking

“Many British high streets have suffered a hard time recently, with small independent traders and large department stores all feeling the pinch,” said Harrison Woods, managing director at YourParkingSpace. 

“With most people driving to the high street, it’s no surprise that parking is a contentious issue. What they might not realise is that there are cheaper alternatives.”

There are a number of ways you can avoid extortionate parking costs. All it takes is a little bit of pre-planning. Research local parking vendors to find the cheapest locations. If you’re lucky, you might find spots local to your high street that are free. Failing that, you could hire a driveway.

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