Elon Musk: Teslas could soon be protected by ‘Sentry Mode’

Elon Musk drops another update bomb on Twitter. This time, it's onboard surveillance for all recent Tesla cars in the form of 'Sentry Mode'

Tesla Sentry Mode

A 360-degree camera will be coming to Tesla cars in the near future. Elon Musk calls it ‘Sentry Mode’ and it should remove the need for a dash cam.

An irritated Twitter user whose Tesla had suffered a dent within range of the rear-facing camera Tweeted Mr Musk directly, saying there should be a feature that utilises the car’s plethora of cameras and sensors for surveillance.

In typical Musk style, he responded with the public announcement that ‘Tesla Sentry Mode’ is coming – just the feature this aggrieved customer was looking for.

According to the Tweet, the feature will be ‘coming soon’ to all cars with Enhanced Autopilot. This is a feature customers have to pay extra for, but Musk clarified that it will be rolling out to all cars with the most recent ‘AP2+’ hardware.

You don’t, therefore, necessarily have to have bought Enhanced Autopilot, your car just needs to be new enough to have had the option – i.e. October 2016 onwards.

It certainly seems like a common-sense offering. We wouldn’t be surprised if in-built dash cam functions become the norm on most new cars in future.

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