Elon Musk has introduced a new, cheaper Tesla Model 3

The CEO of Tesla introduced the world to the 'mid-range' Model 3 via Twitter

Tesla Model 3

Tesla has introduced a new, more affordable version of the Model 3. Or, we should say, Elon Musk has introduced it. The Tesla CEO tweeted yesterday, telling his followers about a mid-range version of Tesla’s crossover EV.

The new model costs from $45,000 (£34,550) in the US and offers 260 miles of range. Incidentally, it uses the same battery pack as the 310-mile-range model, only with fewer cells.

Performance is down, too. While the long-range car will do 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds and a 145mph top speed, the new one needs 5.6 seconds and tops out at 125mph.

The Model 3 has already brought a mixture of success and criticism for the company. While it’s selling very well, Tesla has struggled to keep up in terms of production, quality and delivery. The £26,900 ($35,000) introductory model is yet to reach showrooms, too, with a debut planned for 2019.

This mid-range Model 3, it seems, is intended to serve as a stop-gap. Nevertheless, Tesla ownership is now $10,000 closer for many American buyers.

It could well turn out to be the sweet spot in the range, offering the best mileage for your money. 

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