New green number plate confirmed design

Electric car green number plates to launch in autumn

New green number plate confirmed design

The government has given the go-ahead to green number plates for 100% zero emissions electric cars. The new plates will be introduced from autumn 2020.

Both front and rear EV number plates will carry a green strip on the left-hand side.

Only fully zero emissions electric cars will be eligible to use them.

The idea behind the green number plates is to make it easier to identify 100% zero emissions vehicles.

This will, for example, help local authorities spot EVs eligible for specific initiatives such as entry into zero-emissions zones, or cheaper car parking.

Green front and rear number plates

Zero-emissions cars, vans, taxis, motorbikes, buses, coaches and HGVs will all be eligible to carry a green number plate.

The scheme will be non-mandatory and EV owners will be able to opt out.

“Green number plates could unlock a number of incentives for drivers and increase awareness of cleaner vehicles on our roads, showing people that a greener transport future is within our grasp,” said transport secretary Grant Shapps.

The go-ahead for green EV number plates comes after the government first suggested the idea in 2018.

Car makers, motoring groups, local authorities and the public all fed into the subsequent consultation on how best to introduce green number plates.

Surprisingly, only 1 in 5 motorists actually supported the idea behind green number plates when quizzed last autumn.

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner also questioned the policy behind green number plates, calling for the process to be “tightly controlled”.


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