First UK e-scooter trial beginsGinger

Revealed: the first place in Britain you can legally ride an e-scooter

Internet searches for e-scooters increased hugely during lockdown, but drivers risk losing their licences by riding privately-owned scooters on the road.
New green number plate confirmed design

Electric car green number plates to launch in autumn

100% zero emissions electric car owners will be able to fit number plates with a green flash from this autumn to advertise their green credentials
Disabled Blue Badge holders onlyNewspress

How to apply for or renew a Blue Badge online

Disabled people eligible for a Blue Badge can apply or renew via the government website. The process should take less than half an hour.
Most accidents happen on slow roadsMariusz Galas

Most accidents happen on slower roads

Research shows the vast majority of roads accidents take place on slower roads. However, you're more likely to die on a faster road in the countryside.
Covid-19 MOT exemption

How the 6-month coronavirus MOT extension works

MOTs for cars, motorcycles and light vans due to expire from 30 March have been granted a temporary extension due to the coronavirus crisis.
Cars to be bannedShutterstock

Cars could be banned to aid social distancing

The government has written to councils encouraging them to create car-free streets during the Covid-19 lockdown. And Brighton has already taken action.
Transport figures show effect of social distancingHM Government

Government figures reveal huge decline in road and rail travel

Department of Transport statistics show how measures taken to slow the spread of coronavirus have affected car use and public transport.
coronavirus lockdown could cause more drink driving

COVID-19 lockdown could lead to increased drink-driving

UK motorists are being warned about driving while over the legal alcohol limit, as the coronavirus lockdown causes home drinking to dramatically increase.
Empty Westminster Bridge

Coronavirus: Can I still drive my car?

As the UK enters a state of coronavirus ‘lockdown’, freedom of movement will be restricted. However, there are some valid reasons for driving a car
Lynton Lynmouth funicular railwayPeter Titmuss /

A new road sign has been approved – but not everyone is happy

The Department for Transport has approved a controversial new road sign directing visitors to a pair of funicular railways.