New garage finder tool for electric vehicle owners

Electric car garage finder tool

A new service will make it easier for motorists to find a garage to repair and service their electric car.

The Motor Ombudsman has added a new layer to its online Garage Finder service. With the help of a dedicated symbol, EV owners can find local accredited businesses.

This follows a recent survey that found 84 percent of people would not know where to take an electric vehicle for servicing.

Bill Fennell, chief ombudsman and managing director at The Motor Ombudsman, said: “Sales of electric vehicles are fast gathering pace, and they all need to be serviced and maintained in accordance with recommended manufacturer guidelines.

“Our research showed that there was an inherent need to make it quicker and easier for repairers to make motorists aware that they can service electric vehicles, and for owners to be able to easily find a business where they can take their car in.

“The new facility on our Garage Finder responds to both of these requirements, and therefore we expect it to be an extremely popular addition.”

Bright sparks

Fake spark plugs in Australia

The Motor Ombudsman’s survey of 1,903 motorists highlighted a lack of understanding of how an annual service for an electric vehicle differs to that of a conventional car.

Only 12 percent said they would be able to distinguish between the two.

Two-thirds of those surveyed were able to correctly identify that brakes and tyres would be checked during an annual service. Meanwhile, 60 percent correctly identified that the suspension would looked at, and 63 percent were aware that wipers are part of a service.

In contrast, 40 percent incorrectly said the air filter would be checked. An oil change was mentioned by 30 percent of the respondents, while the car’s timing belt (29 percent), emissions (26 percent) and spark plugs (26 percent) were also mentioned.

The Motor Ombudsman Garage Finder can be found here.

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