Drivers want charging infrastructure before buying electric cars

What will tempt UK drivers into electric cars

A survey of 2,000 drivers by InsureTheGap reveals what we want when it comes to buying an electric car.

So, what exactly are we most concerned about for the switch from internal combustion to electric power?

EV charging infrastructure

What will tempt UK drivers into electric cars
The biggest pull for electric cars would be an infrastructure that can handle charging them.

Topping the list, 46 percent said they want the ability to charge quickly at home, without adding too much to their electricity bill.

Below that in second place, 43 percent said a robust, national infrastructure of chargers would make EVs considerably more appealing.

Range and trust in the tech

What will tempt UK drivers into electric cars

In third position, with 38 percent saying it was important, was driving range. We want our electric cars to offer at least 100 real-world miles before they need to fill up.

Trust in the technology is fifth, with 33 percent saying they want to understand what they’re buying, including reassurances of reliability and longevity.

Saving money and benefits

What will tempt UK drivers into electric cars

Perhaps predictably, what would make an electric car more appealing is saving money. So this comes fourth, with 38 percent saying it would boost the appeal of electric cars.

At present, electric cars cost an average of 20 percent more to buy than conventional rivals. 

In sixth, 33 percent that said grants were key, while 28 percent (seventh) suggested that there should be tax breaks for EV drivers.

BP Chargemaster rapid charging hub at Milton Keynes Coachway

In eighth, 23 percent that said they want reassurance the government will not be make electric vehicles more expensive in future.

Interestingly, 10 percent of drivers also said they’d be interested in electric cars if they got access to priority lanes in congested areas.

Saving the environment

What will tempt UK drivers into electric cars

Only 16 percent (ninth) said they’d be keen to know they were helping the environment. There are doubts, of course, given the unknown quantities around electricity and battery production.

“As UK ownership of electric cars grows it’s interesting to see what is holding people back from embracing this new, cleaner technology,” said Ben Wooltorton of

“This survey shows that clearly there’s still a lot of hesitation when it comes to buying an electric car and until car manufacturers can improve their driving range, the national charging infrastructure is in place, and people feel they can trust the technology, the sector will remain a slow burner.

“It still only represents about six percent of the latest 2019 registrations.”

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