You can now design your perfect Morgan in 3D

Morgan configurator released

Morgan has introduced an online configurator tool to help you bring your own hand-made British sports car to life.

The difference between this and the recently-announced Caterham configurator is you can build your Morgan from the comfort of your own home.

The tool works in 3D, and makes use of the fact the new Plus Six is the first Morgan entirely designed using computer aided design (CAD). Users can move around the car and look closer at specific details. The system can run in high, medium or low quality, depending on the speed of your connection.

Morgan claims there are more than a trillion possible specifications. That’s over 1,000 billion, or a million million… When they say you can make your car your own, you really can.

Two initial options are available – standard or Touring. The latter adds a roof and removable windows. 

The interior is fully customisable, with different materials, leather stitches, colours and trims. On the outside, you can customise beyond the paint colour, with plenty of different wheel and accessory options.

Morgan configurator released

If you’re not sure where to start when speccing up your Morgan, fear not. Morgan has listed some ‘inspirations’ to serve as starting points.

Price is important, so you’ll be able to keep tabs on the climbing cost as you progress through the configurator. When you’re done, save the spec and a packet of images to show off. And if you want to order, send it to Morgan.

So what does our Plus Six look like? We went for Sport Green over tan leather, with the ‘Speedster’ pepperpot wheels in black. With various trim and colour selections, we got the price up to nearly £83,000.

“We’re immensely proud to bring you our most advanced configurator yet,” said Michael Smith, lead digital designer at Morgan Motor Company.

“It’s the culmination of months of development work, bringing together teams across the business and externally. A highlight for me was working with the CAD engineers and designers to repurpose their work on the Plus Six. What’s been created is an extremely modern tool anyone can use at home or in a Morgan dealership.

“Built using the latest digital rendering technology, users can accurately visualise their dream Morgan in full 3D, utilising realistic paint rendering in incredible quality. We hope our customers and enthusiasts enjoy using the configurator.”


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