Mirror Indicate

New cycling wearable tech designed for ‘life-saving manoeuvres’

Mirror Indicate

Mirror Indicate, the company behind the cycling accessory of the same name, claims that this is the world’s first combined mirror and indicator with intelligent firmware to improve your safety on the road.

The Cheshire-based business is convinced that it has ‘made a major breakthrough’ in road safety for cyclists, designing wearable technology that combines a shatterproof mirror and an indicator that fits on the right hand.

Once the device has been strapped in place, the cyclist can check the view behind simply by holding their hand at 45-degrees, like a salute. Touching the lens onto a magnet secured to the bike frame or handlebar turns the indicator on or off, alerting upcoming and ongoing traffic of your intention to turn.

According to Mirror Indicate, this new tech is designed to address the dangers of road junctions, where 75 percent of pedal cyclists are injured. Failing to look properly is the primary cause of the accidents leading to these injuries.

‘Makes traffic accidents less likely’

Mirror Indicate at night

The inventor and managing director of Mirror Indicate, Paul Tolley explained the history behind the company and product, “I’ve been cycling for ten years and always struggled turning right on busy roads.

Turning round to check traffic, then worrying if you can be seen was a problem and the only way to solve it was to develop Mirror Indicate.”

“With handlebar-mounted mirrors mean you get blind spots and usually have to set them before each journey. Using a mirror on the hand you indicate with just feels right and coupled with the brightest flashing indicator we could find, this makes a huge difference to the way you ride and your confidence on the road.

“Cycling helmets make accidents safer – Mirror Indicate makes traffic accidents less likely.”

The product, which has been developed over the past ten years, is available online for £44.95 plus postage.

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