Citroen cuts prices with new ‘Fair Pricing’ strategy

The Citroen Advance UK strategy aims to turn around the brand in the UK, with better value, new cars and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Citroen C3

Citroen cars will cost thousands of pounds less in the UK thanks to a new ‘Fair Pricing’ strategy, plus a new model structure.

There will also be special ‘online’ versions of core models. Called C-Series, these will offer even greater value and a standard five-year extended warranty.

The initiatives are part of a new Citroen Advance UK plan, which aims to unlock the potential of the distinctive French brand in the UK.

The launch of 11 new models in 16 months, including the crucial new C4 and e-C4, will also accelerate Citroen in the UK, says MD Eurig Druce.

Citroen Fair Pricing

Price reductions will be significant. Even the entry-level Citroen C1 will be up to £700 cheaper.

The C3 will cost up to £1,175 less, while buyers of the C3 Aircross SUV could save up to £1,775.

The new Fair Pricing initiative goes live on 1 December 2020 and Mr Druce says customers who have already placed orders will be switched to the new Fair Pricing range – which may give some buyers a surprise cash saving.

Citroen will also simplify its model range structure around three core grades: Live, Sense and Shine.

Citroen C3

Citroen C-Series online specials

The firm has also recently expanded its online platform with a new Citroen Store and Virtual Showroom. This allows buyers to take virtual tours of cars – and then buy online.

To capitalise on this, Citroen is launching extra-value online specials called C-Series.

Initially, there will be three C-Series models: C3 C-Series, C3 Aircross C-Series and C5 Aircross C-Series.

These models have no-haggle prices that are even more affordable – the C3 C-Series costs £13,980, significantly less than even the cheapest Ford Fiesta.

Equipped to a level 3 ‘Shine’ grade, the C3 C-Series is also almost £3,000 cheaper than the ‘Fair Pricing’ C3 Shine, which costs £16,155.

The C3 Aircross C-Series is £17,000 and the C5 Aircross C-Series is £25,755.

Citroen will sell these haggle-free models with an extended five-year warranty for private buyers.

Mr Druce told Motoring Research the C-Series vehicles will come with a standard-rate finance package, but no other incentives or consumer offers.

“Other models in the line-up will still have consumer incentives such as low-rate finance and deposit contributions: the aim behind the C-Series range is to offer a completely transparent, negotiation-free model that’s ready to buy online.”

Citroen dealers will also be able to sell C-Series models, offering easy value for customers who don’t like to haggle.


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