Revealed: the cheapest and most expensive airport car parking

Edinburgh Airport parking

Holidaymakers flying from London City Airport for a two-week break are paying nearly £200 just for their car parking, new research has revealed. 

London City has, by far and away, the most expensive airport parking in the country, with the cost nearly FOUR TIMES more than an equivalent two-week stay at Edinburgh Airport.

Travellers using Gatwick Airport might be interested to know that that a two-week stay in the South Terminal is £3 MORE EXPENSIVE than in the North Terminal. Talk about a North/South divide… 

Driiveme airport car parking

Even more surprising is the fact that Heathrow Airport isn’t one of the top five most expensive airport car parks. Southend, Manchester and Liverpool join London City and Gatwick above Heathrow on the list.

My Late Deals carried out the extensive survey. It sourced the costs from the official airport websites, with prices based on the official car parks. A two-week stay in August was used for the purposes of the research.

The least expensive airport parking was found in Edinburgh (£43.99), followed by East Midlands (£58.49) and Stansted (£59.99).

How to save money on airport parking

Tesla at Edinburgh Airport

You should arrange your airport parking as soon as you’ve booked your holiday, as pre-booking can shave up to 60 percent off the price you’d pay if you just turned up and paid at the airport.

James Lewis of Holiday Extras said: “Around 87 percent of bookings are booked within nine weeks of the departure date. However, it is those who booked earlier than nine weeks that actually get the better deal (by better deal, I mean cheaper price per night).

“Price and availability go hand in hand – if availability is low, suppliers will increase their prices in order to slow demand. So booking earlier, perhaps at the point of booking the holiday, will guarantee availability and the lowest prices.”

Vehicles in a closely-packed car park

Closely-packed car park

Shopping around for the best deal can also save you money. There are a number of price comparison websites to consider, while most car park operators will run promotions and special offers.

The proximity to the terminal will also play a part in how much you’ll pay for parking. In short, the closer you park, the more you’ll pay, while valet parking will cost considerably more.

Remember to check the reviews and use a trusted operator. Saving a few quid might seem like a good idea, but if your car is left in a muddy field while you sun yourself on a beach, it might take the shine off your holiday experience.

The most expensive airport parking

1.London City£196.50
2.Gatwick (South Terminal)£115.00
3.Gatwick (North Terminal)£112.00

The least expensive airport parking

2.East Midlands£58.49
4.Doncaster Sheffield£62.49
5.Belfast International£62.99
6.Belfast City£65.99
7.Leeds Bradford£66.00

All costs based on a two-week stay and correct as of 2 May 2019. Prices for for illustrative purposes only – visit the official airport parking operators for up-to-date quotes.

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