Audi offers fixed-price car insurance for three years

A new three-year fixed price car insurance scheme from Audi could save you from shopping around for cover every year.

Audi A1 Citycarver

Audi has launched a new three-year fixed price car insurance scheme.

Policies are available for new and used cars, and Audi claims it saves customers shopping around for renewal deals.

Cover runs in 12-month increments, and customers will be sent renewal notices at each interval, confirming the fixed price. Customers are not tied into the policy for the full term.

Polices include the guaranteed use of Audi-approved repairers and genuine Audi parts. Customers are also protected against uninsured drivers.

According to Parkers, the previous-generation A1 is likely to be the cheapest Audi to insure. When powered by the 1.2-litre engine, the A1 hatchback and A1 Sportback slot into group nine, placing them alongside the likes of the Ford Fiesta and the cheapest Dacias.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Audi R8 has a group 50 insurance rating, making it one of the most expensive cars to insure. 

How to get cheaper car insurance

Saving car insurance renewal

Car insurance is one of the biggest costs of motoring, so it pays to get a good deal. In the summer, we revealed how you can save money on your car insurance. In summary, here are some tips:

  • Buy the right car: hatchbacks and city cars with small engines are likely to be the cheapest, especially if they’re inexpensive to repair.
  • Shop around: use a price comparison site, but also contact insurers not listed on such websites. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save.
  • Never accept the renewal quote: you’ll almost certainly get a cheaper price by going elsewhere. There’s little reward for loyalty in the world of car insurance.
  • Get the right policy: if you don’t drive to work, a policy that excludes commuting will be cheaper. Equally, don’t overestimate how many miles you’re likely to cover in a year – you could be paying too much.
  • Wait until you get older: insurance gets cheaper when you turn 21 and 25. Be patient – those desirable cars are within reach.

Click here for more advice on how to get cheaper car insurance.

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