Crash for cash on the riseAX

Crash for cash schemes are a ‘real and growing threat’

Crash for cash schemes – where collisions are staged to file fraudulent insurance claims – are on the rise. How can you guard against the problem?
How to save money on your car insuranceShutterstock

How to save money on car insurance

Car insurance can be expensive, particularly for younger drivers, but following this advice could save you money on your next renewal.
Trusted car brands 2020Audi

Audi offers fixed-price car insurance for three years

A new three-year fixed price car insurance scheme from Audi could save you from shopping around for cover every year.
The cost of car insurance admin feesShutterstock

Is your cheap car insurance too good to be true?

Motorists are being warned to avoid 'ghost brokers' offering cheap car insurance. Here's how you can avoid being caught by the scammers
One in three have had car written offShutterstock

Nearly a third of drivers have had a car written off

New figures from a survey of 2,000 drivers have revealed than on average, just under a third (29 percent) of us have written off a car.
Manchester is the most expensive place to own a carphotocritical /

Revealed: the most expensive place to run a car

Drivers in Manchester are paying around £2,800 to run a petrol car, making it the most expensive region in the UK. Carrick, Scotland, is the cheapest.
Car cloning problems for second-hand buyersShutterstock

Men far more likely than women to commit driving offences

New research shows that men are nearly twice as likely to hold a motoring conviction than women, with drivers in Surrey the worst offenders.

The modifications that can REDUCE the cost of car insurance

A new study reveals the modifications you can make to cut the cost of car cover – and those you should avoid.
Car insurance admin fees risingShutterstock

Car insurance admin fees are hitting motorists in the pocket

Research shows that motorists are being charged an increasing amount for car insurance admin fees, including mid-term policy adjustments and cancellations.
Car hire companiesMC MEDIASTUDIO /

Are you paying too much for your car hire excess insurance?

Around 30 percent of motorists questioned in a new survey were aware that it's possible to arrange car hire insurance excess before leaving the UK.