Air con features

Air-con and Bluetooth top list of most-wanted car features

Air con features

New research from Kwik Fit reveals exactly what we want in our new cars. And, with a super-hot summer still fresh in our memories, air conditioning tops the list.

Second place also on the list also comes as no surprise: Bluetooth phone connectivity. It seems keeping in contact and connected comes second only to keeping cool.

Seasonal woes are a rolling theme on the list of most desired car features. A heated windscreen, of all things, takes third. We’re clearly mindful of the coming cooler weather and the icy mornings that come with it.

Sat-nav and parking cameras take fourth and fifth respectively. We want to know where we’re going and we don’t want to damage our cars parking up when we get there. Fair enough.

bluetooth features

What we’re not so keen on are voice control, sunroofs and head-up displays. Research indicates that 70 percent or more of us wouldn’t stump up the cash for these features.

Our aversion to voice control and head-up displays is interesting as manufacturers are keen on developing and pedalling these at the moment. As for sunroofs? It’s interesting how what was once a desirable feature finds little favour today. 

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