How to add wireless phone charging to your car

Add wireless charging to your car

Wireless phone charging isn’t always available on modern cars, let alone anything older. But there is a way of adding it retrospectively. Meet the Connects2 universal in-car charging pad.

This wireless charger can be placed anywhere flat in the cabin of your car, or indeed in the office or at home. And while wireless charging capability may cost several hundred pounds extra for a new car, this one retails at £29 from Halfords.

Add wireless charging to your car

Also available is an in-car charging pocket, which adds a level of security for your device. Essentially, it holds your phone, rather than it resting atop a pad. It mounts in a glovebox, armrest or on any flat surface.

Lights on the pouch indicate the phone’s charge status and there are two USB ports for multi-device charging. This more comprehensive item is available for £79 from Halfords.

Opinion: Wireless chargers – gimmick or essential?Add wireless charging to your car

I’m not sure if I can speak for my MR colleagues, but I’ve been genuinely disappointed by the lack of wireless charging in some new cars I’ve driven recently.

I can confidently say this is something I’ll likely add to my own, older car. That’s an exclusive list, mostly reserved for broadcasting devices, which include aux cables and FM transmitters. It could make a nice replacement for my old-fashioned USB cable.

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