UK now has 10,000 electric car charging locations

10,000 charging locations in the UK

The UK electric car charging network has reached a new milestone, with 10,000 vehicle plug-in points now available across the UK.

This comes after 3,500 new points were added to EV charger locator Zap-Map over the last 12 months.

10,000 charging locations in the UK

According to Zap-Map, the most common type of charging is on-street, which includes town locations. This makes up 30 percent of public chargers in the UK. By contrast, at the end of 2018, hotels led the way for chargers, with around 1,200 locations.

A further 25 percent of chargers are found at car parks, in shopping centres, supermarkets or park-and-rides. 

EV charging growth in 2019

10,000 charging locations in the UK

The number of charging locations has increased 53 percent since this time last year. On-street has seen the biggest growth, jumping from under 1,000 to more than 3,000.

Airport locations with car charging have increased 57 percent, while railway locations are up 45 percent. And 36 percent more bus stations have car charging, too.

Service station locations have increased by 38 percent. Zap-Map says this will be a significant area of growth over the next year and beyond, as BP and Shell grow their own networks with charge points at their filling stations.

10,000 charging locations in the UK

More than 300 public car parking locations have been added over the last 12 months, plus 230 retail sites. Public transport locations have improved dramatically over the past year.

Overall, the number of individual connectors at the end of 2019 approaches 30,000, at 16,000 devices across 10,000 locations.

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