Driving in the EU after Brexit – everything you need to know

Brexit is coming, deal or no deal, within the month. What does that mean for UK drivers wanting to drive in Europe? Here's our guide

Driving in Europe after Brexit

Brexit is coming, deal or no deal, within the month. What does that mean for UK drivers? Among other things, changes and complications when it comes to driving in Europe, both legally and safely. Here’s everything you need to know for driving in Europe after Brexit.

Brexit European driving checklist:

  • Driving licence
  • Passport
  • Registration document(s)
  • International driving permit(s)
  • Insurance green card(s)
  • GB sticker

Licence and driving permits

Driving in Europe after Brexit

After we’ve left the EU, deal or not, it’s highly likely that you’ll need an international driving permit (IDP). These can vary depending on what countries you intend to visit, so pick the one you need. You can pick up IDPs from the Post Office. They’re cheap, at £5.50 each, though as above, you may need more than one.

Read our full guide to International Driving Permits, what they’re for, what ones you need and how to get them.

Needless to say, it’s advisable to keep your driving licence and passport close to hand.

Insurance and green cards

Driving in Europe after Brexit

You need insurance where and whenever you drive. However, when it comes to driving in the EU, you will need an insurance green card. To get this, you’ll need to contact your insurer at least a month before your intended European visit.

When driving in Europe, keep these close to hand as well as your insurance documentation.

You’ll need more than one green card if you’re towing anything, like a trailer or a caravan. Likewise, if your policy renews while you’re away. Try to avoid renewal and travel overlapping. 

Vehicle registration documents and identification

Driving in Europe after Brexit

You’ll also need to take your vehicle’s registration documents with you. If it’s your car, you’ll need your V5C. If it’s a rental or a lease, you’ll need a VE103 as proof of your right to operate that vehicle. Keep these close to hand at all times. 

You’ll also need a GB sticker, regardless of if your plates have GB or the European symbol on them. 

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