Where you're most likely to be caught speedingJaneHYork /

Revealed: the UK's most common driving offences

New figures show that speeding tops the list of driving offences in England and Wales, with a total of 15.9 million offences since 2011.
Police speed checkShutterstock

Police cancel speeding fines 'due to coronavirus'

As police struggle to cope with the COVID-19 workload, speed awareness courses have been suspended and some speeding penalties cancelled altogether.
Speed awareness courses cancelled amid coronavirus crisisShutterstock

Coronavirus: Speed awareness courses postponed for 12 weeks

Speed awareness courses have been postponed for an initial period of 12 weeks from 20 March 2020. Drivers will be contacted by the relevant police force.
20mph limit GlasgowShutterstock

Confirmed: Glasgow to get 20mph speed limit

New plans will see a 20mph speed limit across many of Glasgow's roads. The aim is to increase safety, plus reduce noise, congestion and emissions.
A127 speed limit cutRobin Webster

Essex council slashes speed limit to reduce emissions

The A127 to the north of Basildon in Essex will have its speed limit reduced from 70mph to 50mph. The aim is to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from traffic.
Hotspots for speeding in the UKShutterstock

These are the UK's worst speeding hotspots

New research shows which UK regions have the highest number of speeding fines. And it's bad news for drivers in Manchester and Surrey.
Slow driving causing more accidentsShutterstock

Accidents from driving too SLOWLY are increasing

The Department for Transport says the number of road deaths directly related to slow driving is on the up.
Ollie Webb racing driver speed awareness courseOllie Webb/Instagram

Professional racing driver sent on speed awareness course

Pro racing driver Ollie Webb has been sent on a speed awareness course. The Le Mans racer was caught doing 52 miles per hour in a 50 zone
Where you're most likely to be caught speedingJaneHYork /

Revealed: Where you're most likely to be caught speeding

Using data obtained via Freedom of Information requests, we reveal where the UK's speeding hotspots are .
Autobahn speed limit rejected GermanyShutterstock

German parliament REJECTS autobahn speed limit proposal

Politicians in Germany have voted, by a considerable majority, against the introduction of a 80mph speed limit in the country’s ‘Autobahn’ roads