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How to save money on fuel

We explain how to slash your monthly petrol or diesel bill, including tips on maintaining your car and driving efficiently.
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Sorry, Greta: driving slowly in a Giulia Quadrifoglio really sucks

Our man is invited to take part in the 2019 WLTP Challenge in an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. It's fair to say he found the experience rather frustrating.
How to save fuelMotoring Research

How to save fuel when driving

We took part in the WLTP Challenge, learning how to drive as efficiently as possible. Here are our top tips to save fuel – and money.
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How to slice your monthly fuel costs

With a little forward planning and a change of habits, you could shave pounds off your petrol or diesel costs
This is how Peugeot Citroen calculates real-world fuel economy

This is how Peugeot Citroen calculates real-world fuel economy

PSA reveals how it's carrying out real-world MPG tests

Hot air: the worst cars for real-world CO2 emissions

Cars are emitting an average of 39% more CO2 than official figures state - here are the worst offenders
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Nissan confirms talks to buy into Mitsubishi

Advanced discussions could see Nissan buy a one-third controlling stake in its crisis-hit Japanese rival
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Mitsubishi fuel economy test scandal – Q&A

What we know about the Mitsubishi fuel economy test cheat crisis
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Mitsubishi fuel economy tests have been incorrect since 1991 – report

Mitsubishi fuel economy crisis deepens with leaked news apparently from a company insider
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Europe’s car makers concede: ‘We know the fuel economy test is obsolete’

Bring on RDE Real Driving Emissions say Europe’s 15 car, van, truck and bus makers: we’re ready (but is the EC?)