Investigating keyless car theftWhat Car?

Stolen in seconds: keyless new cars that fail security tests

New tests reveal how easy many popular cars with keyless entry are to steal, with some driven away in just 10 seconds.
car thefts treble at train station car parksShutterstock

Railway station car thefts have TREBLED in five years

Thefts of cars parked at railway stations of trebled overall over the course of the past five years, according to data from the British Transport Police
car theft claims at seven year highShutterstock

Car theft payouts are the highest for seven years

Insurance companies are paying out more for car thefts than they have for the past seven years, says The Association of British Insurers.
KeyBlock beat keyless car theftVanacci

Is this the most stylish way to beat keyless car theft?

The KeyBlock is billed as 'the world's ultimate RFID case for your keys' – and it could be the coolest way to beat the UK's car crime 'epidemic'
Car break-ins are on the rise - with London hit the hardest

The UK’s most dangerous places to own a car revealed

London, the Midlands and Yorkshire are some of the most dangerous places in the country to own a car. Norfolk and North Wales are two of the safest
Fraudsters are using the dark web to steal cars

How fraudsters can use the dark web to steal cars

A stolen car was tracked and found in Belgium after it was stolen using a dark web-sourced identity