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Volkswagen tells us ‘our CO2 and mpg may incorrect ‘

Volkswagen logoVolkswagen has issued a warning to motoring journalists that the fuel consumption and CO2 values in its media database ‘may be incorrect’.

Following on from last week’s revelation that it had discovered “irregularities in CO2 levels” in around 800,000 cars, the firm is warning the press that its media site may now be wrong.

Volkswagen scandal: CO2 emissions now in question

“Please take into consideration the CO2 emissions and therefore the fuel consumption data published on the VW media services website are therefore subject to reservation until this has been resolved and may be incorrectly stated.”

VW says the CO2 for around 800,000 cars may have been set too low: “the majority have diesel engines” but petrol models are also affected, for the first time in the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

The revelation last week that engineers may have cheated with CO2 emissions comes after Volkswagen admitted 11 million vehicles worldwide have been fitted with a ‘defeat device’ to cheat NOx emissions tests.

“Volkswagen will do everything in its power to clarify the further course of action as quickly as possible and ensure the correct CO2 classification for the vehicles affected.”

Last week, VW CEO Matthias Müller told EU officials Volkswagen would pay any additional costs related to revised CO2 emissions data, rather than customers: in the UK, VED road tax is linked to CO2.

It is not yet clear how VW would fund any costs involved in revised fuel consumption figures, should it confirm the 800,000 cars are returning fewer miles per gallon than first thought, though.