Volkswagen Grand California

Volkswagen Grand California: sell the house and move in

Volkswagen Grand California

The latest Volkswagen camper might be called Grand California, but it’s so house-like, it could feature on Grand Designs. Although quite what Kevin McCloud would make of it is anyone’s guess.

There will be plenty of people dreamin’ of owning one – anyone who has spent time in Cornwall this summer will know that VeeDub campers are about as popular as a free bar in Newquay – but sales won’t begin until early 2019. Still, that’s plenty of time to sell your des-res and invest in a Grand Cali.

How much it’ll cost remains to be seen – we might find out at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf at the end of August – but the standard California costs upwards of £46,625, so you will need to dig deep if you plan to go Grand.

This biggest of Volkswagens is based on the Crafter but gains more than a metre over the California, which is enough for an 840 x 800mm bathroom. Seriously, park this in a West London street and a property investor will offer you a six-figure sum for VW’s bijou residence. Fittings include a toilet, shower, fold-out basin and shelves with holders for toiletries.

There’s even an integrated toilet paper holder, to protect your precious loo roll from getting damp. If McCloud isn’t impressed now, he never will be.

Don’t forget the kids

VW Grand California bunk bed

Of course, we know that an episode of Grand Designs rarely passes without the lady of the house getting pregnant, so it’s surprising to discover that, for all its grand pretentions, the California XXL only sleeps two. A high bunk bed for children is an option, but it does come with an integrated panoramic skylight.

Elsewhere, the Grand California is a little more child-friendly, featuring a four-person dining table, a satellite dish, a wifi hotspot and a 70-litre fridge. If you can tear yourself away from Netflix, YouTube and Facebook, options include an awning, bicycle rack and camping table/chairs.

Standard kit includes a powered step, two-part mosquito net, Bluetooth-enabled speakers and windows fitted with cassette blinds and flyscreens.

Mr McCloud would mark the Grand California down for its questionable aesthetics, but for services to the great British summer getaway, he would present a favourable final piece to camera. Just don’t forget the kids.

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