Supercars and more saved from crusher in 2018

£120 million of uninsured cars saved from the CRUSHER in 2018

Supercars and more saved from crusher in 2018Almost 110,000 vehicles were seized by police during 2018, being confiscated where drivers failed to have valid insurance

Whilst cars being seized for no insurance has become commonplace, the increase in cars leased or bought on finance causes greater problems. Without the help of HPI Crushwatch, finance companies could see millions of pounds of assets turned into metal cubes.

Working with police forces and vehicle financing houses, the Crushwatch scheme helps reunite seized vehicles with their legal owners. Last year, vehicles worth almost £122 million were handed back in one piece.

Supercar superheroes

Supercars and more saved from crusher in 2018Of the 13,000 seized vehicles found to belong to finance companies, a plethora of supercars and luxury motors were amongst those recovered.

A £306,200 Lamborghini Aventador was the single most valuable car saved from sale or scrapping. Sant’Agata products proved popular for those with no insurance, making up half of the top ten most valuable vehicles found by Crushwatch:

Vehicle Value Force area seized in
Lamborghini Aventador £306,200 Metropolitan Police
Lamborghini Aventador £277,600 Cheshire Constabulary
Ferrari 458 £247,800 Metropolitan Police
Lamborghini Aventador £230,000 Greater Manchester Police
Rolls-Royce Dawn £212,300 Metropolitan Police
Ferrari 488 £209,600 Metropolitan Police
Rolls-Royce Dawn £179,700 Metropolitan Police
Lamborghini Huracan £173,400 West Yorkshire Police
Lamborghini Aventador £162,800 Northumbria Police
Mercedes-AMG GT £153,300 West Yorkshire Police

Repeat offenders the most popular

Supercars and more saved from crusher in 2018Of greatest concern is that the value of leased or financed cars seized has risen by £28 million compared to 2017. A total of £122 million marks the highest amount ever recovered in the ten years Crushwatch has been in operation, pointing to a worrying trend.

Whilst supercars might attract the most attention, the most common vehicles found by the scheme represent a picture of everyday modern road traffic:

Vehicle Number recovered Total value
Volkswagen Golf 679 £7,238,605
Vauxhall Astra 560 £2,137,545
Ford Focus 522 £2,535,450
Ford Fiesta 506 £2,264,655
BMW 1 Series 505 £3,851,860
Vauxhall Corsa 467 £1,632,745
BMW 3 Series 453 £3,420,245
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 422 £6,212,085
Mercedes-Benz A-Class 352 £4,930,465
Audi A3 346 £2,718,940