Uber NHS free rides

Uber is offering free Christmas rides for NHS staff

Uber NHS free rides

Ride-hailing company Uber is going to be offering two free trips to NHS workers who are working shifts between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

The Christmas shift is rarely a pleasant thing for anyone, let alone NHS staff who keep our health service ticking over year-round. In recognition of their service, and as a gesture of good will, Uber will offer £20-worth of rides to NHS workers on the clock between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. That’s split up into two rides costing up to £10.

How to get Christmas Uber credits

Register on Uber’s website with your NHS email to confirm that you’re eligible – you’ll get your codes by December 21st.

Once you’ve completed that, make sure you have the Uber app. In the menu on the top left, tap ‘add promo code’ and enter the code once you’ve received it.

Following this, you should be good for £10 off two rides between December 24 and December 26.

Uber NHS free rides

Uber has experienced some sub-optimal PR over the last few months and years. Driver treatment, pay, its legitimacy of operation, licensing, solvency questions and more have marred the company of late.

This little gesture is a nice reassurance that there is a warmer side to even the most controversial of companies. The ball is in Elon Musk’s court to do something quirky and interesting for Christmas with one of his many endeavours…

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