Trading Standards investigating used car dealers over recall concerns

Used car dealers are coming under scrutiny by Trading Standards regarding outstanding manufacturer recalls, the VRA reports.

..Trading standards recall investigations

Used car dealers are coming under scrutiny by Trading Standards regarding outstanding manufacturer recalls, the Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA) reports.

The organisation represents businesses that deal with as many as 1.5 million used vehicles per year in various capacities. It’s warning that dealers should start taking extra care to carry out outstanding recall work.

Recall spotlight: staying on top of cars that need manufacturer attention

Why are they taking such a keen interest? Many cars are recalled for repairs post-debut and post-sale. This can be for issues of varying severity, from a glovebox that won’t stay shut, to brakes that don’t work. The troublesome job is rounding up all the cars that need attention…

Trading standards recall investigations

These are issues that product safety laws could determine are the responsibility of these dealers. Especially before moving cars on. Dealers could find themselves on thin ice in scenarios where they can opt to undertake an outstanding recall when a car is brought into stock, and don’t. 

“Trading Standards appear to be looking quite closely at used car sales where retailers have not notified customers that vehicles are the subject of outstanding manufacturer recalls,” said VRA board member Jonathan Butler, of specialist automotive solicitors, Geldards.

“This might be seen as a product safety issue under the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 other than in certain exceptions. However, it is not a clear area and one where some dealers could, unless they are very careful, potentially find themselves encountering difficulties.”

Get the work done

Trading standards investigating dealers

The advice to dealers by the VRA? Get the work done. The minimal cost now is significantly more desirable than the potential ramifications of not doing so. 

“Bearing in mind the small additional cost involved, we would very much recommend this as an action by all used-car dealers. In our opinion, it should form part of best practice procedures that are undertaken before vehicles are advertised for sale.”

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