The JPN Taxi is Toyota's take on the black cab

The JPN Taxi is Toyota’s take on the black cab

The JPN Taxi is Toyota's take on the black cab

The Toyota Crown Comfort has been Japan’s answer to the iconic London taxi for generations: yet its replacement looks more like a black cab than ever before.

Revealed today at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota JPN Taxi is powered by a hybrid powertrain combining an LPG engine with an electric motor. This will help reduce emissions in city centres, says Toyota, while fuel economy of around 55mpg will appeal to taxi drivers. Other impressive modern features include various proactive safety features, as well as six cabin airbags.

It’s practical, too, with a low flat floor providing space to accommodate a wheelchair, while a navigation system and fare meter are placed within easy sight of passengers in the rear. Other clever details include LED lights and extenders for the rear seat belts to make them easier to find at night, while a sophisticated climate control system features an in-built air purifier.

Unmistakably taxi in its appearance, the JPN is available in ‘koiai’ deep indigo paint, a symbol of Japan.

Prices start from 3,277,800 yen (around £21,800), with the firm aiming to sell at least 1,000 units of the JPN Taxi each month. Toyota says it hopes to use the new cab to greet visitors to Japan from around the world when Tokyo hosts the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020.

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