Toyota is the greenest car company in 2017

Newsweek ranks the Japanese giant top automotive firm on the planet

Toyota MiraiToyota is not only the world’s largest car company, but is also the greenest automotive manufacturer in the world – at least, according to the latest Green Rankings of the world’s biggest publically-traded firms, conducted by Newsweek.

Toyota was also ranked an impressive 16th overall – a whopping 91-place rise since 2016.

The firm’s European president and CEO Dr Johan van Zyl said it proved the company’s focus on sustainability and environmental performance is paying dividends.

“The launch of our Environmental Challenge 2050 in 2015 reinforced the key areas in which we are reducing our impact on the environment throughout the entire lifecycle of our products.”

Newsweek’s survey is carried out in association with Corporate Knights and HIP Investor. Companies are scored on their environmental performance across several metrics, such as energy and water consumption, waste levels and carbon production. There’s a strict methodology that looks at all areas of corporate green-ness. 

Toyota’s overall green score of 72 percent places it ahead of Apple, LG and Starbucks in 2017.

The Newsweek Green Rankings survey comes on the same day that Toyota announced plans to sell more than one million zero-emission vehicles a year by 2030. Even sooner than that, the firm intends that by 2025, every single car in the Toyota and Lexus range will have an electrified model – which, it points out, means “the number of models developed without an electrified version will be zero”.

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