Tesla builds its millionth car – and it’s a new Model Y

Electric pioneer Tesla has built its millionth car, a Model Y. The company plans to start deliveries of the new electric crossover next month.

One-millionth Tesla built is a Model Y

Tesla Motors has built its one-millionth car. Given how the company dominates headlines, it’s easy to forget there are fewer Teslas in the world than there are Mazda MX-5s. However, a million is a major milestone – especially for an exclusively electric marque.

So what is the one-millionth Tesla? It’s an example of its second ‘mainstream’ car: the Model Y. Finished in red, this Performance-spec Model Y was revealed on Twitter by Elon Musk, who congratulated his team on the news.

This Model Y also seems to confirm that Tesla should achieve its goal of beginning deliveries of the crossover this month – in America, at least. Early cars are understood to be the more expensive Long-Range and Performance versions. Deliveries for lower-end models are expected next year.

If the Model Y is anything like its Model 3 relation, it should sell like hotcakes. Tesla’s first crack at real volume production, while hitting a few quality control issues, set EV sales records in Europe. It’s also a good car, as our review reveals. Speaking of quality control, the bonnet shut line on that Model Y looks a little suspect at the front…

Tesla still has a backlog of products to deliver, however. The high-performance Roadster was revealed over two years ago now, with no word on how it’s coming along.

One-millionth Tesla built is a Model Y

Likewise, all is quiet on the Semi truck at the moment, although it has been spotted testing.

There’s the three-motor PLAID Model S, too, which was having a crack at the Porsche Taycan’s Nurburgring record late last year. And finally, of course, there’s the Cybertruck, for which more than 200,000 people have placed a pre-order.

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