Seat Tarraco

The Seat Tarraco is a Spanish Skoda Kodiaq

Seat TarracoSeat has chosen Tarraco as the name for its new seven-seat SUV, ahead of its expected reveal later this summer.

The name was chosen via a poll, in which Seat says over 145,000 people in 134 countries placed a vote. 35 percent picked Tarraco; 29 percent chose Avila and 27 percent went for Aranda. The least popular potential name was Seat Alboran, on just 9 percent.

What is Tarraco? Like 13 other Seats, it’s a place in Spain – the oldest Roman settlement on the Iberian Peninsula which, today, is known as Tarragona. Back in Roman times, it was a bustling city, and today has an enviable heritage of culture and youthfulness.

Oh, and Seat’s in no danger of running out of similarly-themed names for future models: as part of the poll, it revealed more than 10,000 different Spanish place names were suggested by fans to christen the new seven-seat SUV…

Like the Skoda Kodiaq it shares underpinnings with, the new Seat Tarraco will rival seven-seat rivals such as the Nissan X-Trail and Peugeot 5008. But although it’s derived from the Kodiaq, it won’t be a facsimile: expect Seat to offer a sportier take on the seven-seat SUV concept. As with the Kodiaq, prices should start from under £25,000.

Frustratingly though, we need to be patient a little while longer. Seat says the Tarraco “will be launched at the end of this year” – which will be 18 months after the competition to name it started out…

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