Rally-bred Toyota GR Yaris will cost £29,995

Toyota Yaris GR price

Toyota has finally put a price on its GR Yaris hot hatch. And at £29,995, it’s cheaper than many expected

The all-wheel-drive Yaris, born to homologate Toyota’s next rally car, is a near-bespoke creation, so a high price was predicted – although not by us.

2020 Toyota Yaris GR

Our last estimates put it around £30,000, and we weren’t far wrong. The GR Yaris will start from £29,995 for the standard version. For the Circuit pack, featuring more kit for track driving, you’ll pay £33,495. 

Additional specs and details will come in due course, but those keen for more GR Yaris news can sign up to Toyota’s ‘keep me informed’ service. First deliveries are expected in November this year.

Why the GR Yaris seems cheap

Toyota Yaris GR price

The GR Yaris really is almost completely bespoke. The chassis is a mash-up of Yaris and Corolla, while the bodywork is entirely new, save for the lights. Even the roof is much lower than a standard Yaris.

Packed inside is Toyota’s new GR-Four all-wheel-drive system, with limited-slip differentials at each axle. And powering it is a new 260hp 1.6-litre three-cylinder turbo engine. It’s claimed to hit 62mph in 5.5 seconds.

Toyota Yaris GR price

Also, let’s factor in how GR Yaris will be built. There’s an entirely new Gazoo Racing production facility in Motomachi, Japan, where it’ll be made largely by hand.

So it could have been very expensive. But it seems Robert Tickner, general manager of communications at Toyota Motor Europe, was telling the truth when he said it wouldn’t be “a million miles away” from the Japanese equivalent price of £27,000.

The only question now is, do you take a GR Supra or a GR Yaris and a load of change?


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