Porsche AR 3D Configurator App

Porsche launches new 3D augmented reality smartphone app

Porsche AR 3D Configurator AppCreating your ideal sports car using an online configurator has become even more realistic with a new smartphone app from Porsche.

The AR Visualizer App allows a three-dimensional photorealistic image of your perfect Porsche to be generated right before your eyes.

It means you could envisage how it looks parked outside your home, or even inside your living room. All the app needs is a flat surface to create the 3D image.

Dream machines

Porsche AR 3D Configurator AppThe new app includes all the features found in the regular Porsche configurator, which is offered through the company’s website.

This means endless debates about which paint choice is the best, or trying to work out exactly which set of alloy wheels your Stuttgart dream machine must have.

Customers can still make use of the usual website-based configurator, but then send their completed car to the app for the full augmented reality effect.

X-Ray specs

Porsche AR 3D Configurator App

As an added bonus, the AR app also includes a new ‘highlight’ feature. This creates an X-ray-style cutout view of the selected car, showing users exactly where key technical details are hidden. It means future 911 owners can prove the latest sports car from Zuffenhausen is still very much rear-engined.

At present, the AR app can be used with the latest 911 Carrera S and 4S, along with the Mission-E concept car. The latter will be replaced with the finished production version of all-electric Taycan once it is revealed.

There’s an app for that

Porsche AR 3D Configurator AppPorsche also promises to have the entire model range available for use with the app by the end of 2019, meaning Macan and Cayenne customers will have to wait a little longer.

Available to download for both Apple iOS and Android devices now, the augmented reality app is the latest in a series of smartphone offerings from Porsche. Last year, the company launched the Porsche Charging Services app, aimed at helping drivers of plug-in hybrid or fully-electric cars find charging points.

Earlier this year, Porsche also revealed a vehicle rental smartphone app, offering access to a subscription service in partnership with tech company, Cluno.

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