‘Pretty terrible’ electric car charging app to be shut down

The Polar Instant app will be closed down following negative feedback from EV drivers. A new BP Chargemaster app takes its place.

BP Chargemaster station

The Polar Instant App didn’t live up to its name. At least, not the ‘Instant’ part…

Comments received from electric car drivers over the past year have included ‘Your pay-as-you-go app is sluggish’ and ‘I’ve been fighting for 20 mins with your buggy app’.

One user summed it up by saying simply ‘Your app is pretty terrible’.

Shiny ‘appy people

BP Chargemaster app

In response, the Polar app will be closed down from 1 December 2020. In its place comes a new BP Chargemaster app, available to download for both Apple and Android devices.

BP promises a ‘more intuitive interface, faster load times, fewer clicks and great new features’. The latter include being able to filter by EV connector type, speed and cost when searching for a charger.

You can also favourite your most-used charge points, making them easy to find within the app.

Polar: no need to bear it

BP Chargemaster app

If you’ve already signed up to Polar Plus or Polar Instant for charging, simply download the app and use your Polar email address to pull your details across automatically.

You’ll need to validate your email and set a new password, but then you should be good to go.

BP Chargemaster runs more than 7,000 EV charging points on the Polar network and is currently installing a network of powerful 150kW chargers.


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