Nissan Energy Solar

Nissan will now sell you solar panels for your house

Nissan Energy SolarNissan has launched a range of solar energy and battery storage packs for UK homes, called Nissan Energy Solar. The new range of products are described as all-in-one solutions that simplify the process of switching to solar.

Designed to complement the Nissan Leaf electric car, Nissan’s scheme offers several different options, which buyers can select using an automotive-style online configurator.

Nissan Energy Solar Panels: Value

The solar panels even have trim lines. Value (pictured above) is entry-level, Efficiency is the mid-range offer and Design comprises the most sleekly-integrated panels.

Nissan will sell Solar, Storage or combined Solar & Storage packs, with prices starting from £3,881 for a six-panel solar setup. This price includes supply and full installation.

A full Solar & Storage setup starts from £7,635. Nissan Energy MD Francisco Carranza says the firm is targeting a 4 percent to 8 percent return on investment.

“Our target has been to make it simple,” he said. “We want to help customers easily find and install solutions for sustainable energy.”

The move mirrors Tesla’s home energy ecosystem products, such as Powerwall battery storage and its custom-designed solar roof tiles. Nissan’s products are designed to be more affordable.

Good news for house prices

Nissan electric ecosystem

Carranza said the Nissan Energy Solar products could cut home energy bills by up to two-thirds, and “will also increase the value of your home”.

“All you need is a roof. Algorithms in the configurator will then qualify the best setup for you.” Nissan will even conduct LiDAR remote analysis of customers’ roofs, to optimise the panels.

While almost 900,000 UK homes already have solar panels, Carranza says there’s latent demand for a straightforward solar energy solution – and adds that Nissan’s energy storage system, using ‘second life’ Nissan Leaf EV batteries, extends the benefit of solar energy during the night.

The system can even be used to charge a Nissan Leaf.

UK sales will begin soon. In preparation, a new Nissan Solar Energy website has been launched, detailing Nissan’s move into the home energy sector.

“They are solutions that people are ready for,” said Carranza. “We already have a book of people ready to get this kit.”

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