NHS signs deal for 700 Jaguar I-Pace electric cars

Public sector NHS staff across the country will enjoy access to Jaguar’s World Car Award-winning I-Pace electric SUV in an 'unprecedented' new deal

Jaguar I-Pace

NHS public sector staff from more than 200 organisations across the country are set to enjoy access to a fleet of 700 Jaguar I-Pace electric cars.

Described as an ‘unprecedented’ deal, the huge win for Jaguar sees the reigning World Car of the Year become part of the NHS Fleet Solutions scheme.

National Health Service workers will be able to sign up for an I-Pace via a salary sacrifice scheme: the fleet will become available from April 2020.

Sir James Mackey is chief executive of Northumbria Healthcare, the organisation that’s signed the new deal with Jaguar Land Rover.

“We are delighted to be working with Jaguar Land Rover UK,” he said. “This is a great deal for NHS and public sector staff and delivers genuine benefit to our patients.

Jaguar I-Pace

“To have a fleet of cars that are fully electric demonstrates our on-going commitment to making decisions that reduce our impact on the environment and help us become greener.”

The zero-emissions I-Pace will become part of the NHS ambition to reduce its carbon footprint.

Jaguar I-Pace

Claire Watson-Brown from JLR said the company was “very proud to provide NHS and public sector staff with this fleet of Jaguar I-Paces”.

The multi-award-winning SUV “demonstrates our latest electric vehicle technology, developed here in the UK to deliver clean, sustainable and efficient transport”.

Leases on the NHS Fleet Solutions cars will run for three years.

The salary sacrifice scheme has itself run for 15 years and has more than 21,000 cars in public sector employees’ hands.

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  1. Good – but bad that they have blown so much money on such expensive EVs rather than opting for a more intelligent, modest mix of Renault Zoe’s, Leafs, Hyundai eNiros+eKonas – plus just a hundred or so of the £67,000 Jaguar i-Paces.
    No – it doesn’t send a good signal that they choose to blow so much NHS cash on the same luxurious EVs that HRH Prince Charles drives/is chauffeured around in.
    Paul G


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