Gran Turismo Sport January 2019 Update 1.32

8 amazing extra cars and a new track in FREE Gran Turismo Sport update

Gran Turismo Sport January 2019 Update 1.32

Gran Turismo Sport players are set to receive a late Christmas present, with a host of new cars and bonus content.

Rolling out on 17th January 2019, Update 1.32 includes eight cars handpicked by Polyphony Digital, along with the return of an epic circuit to race them on.

There are also the regular additions of new championships and competitions, a new photo location, plus minor tweaks and bug fixes for the PlayStation game.

Curated for the masses

Gran Turismo Sport January 2019 Update 1.32Polyphony has billed the octet of cars as being some of ‘the most popular cars in the world’ according to GT Sport players. It’s a bold claim, but looking at the list it’s hard to see any which would not feature as a top pick.

There is classic American muscle, to high-revving Japanese street racers, and everything in between with this latest update. The full list of cars is:

  • 1953 Aston Martin DB3S
  • 1956 Porsche 356 356 A/1500 GS GT Carrera Speedster
  • 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350
  • 1971 Ferrari Dino 246 GT
  • 1998 Honda Integra Type-R (DC2)
  • 2000 TVR Tuscan Speed Six
  • 2001 BMW Z8
  • 2007 Nissan Fairlady Z Version S

Gran Turismo Sport January 2019 Update 1.32As with every GT Sport update, the cars have been beautifully modelled, featuring exquisitely detailed interiors, and the ability to tune and modify each car as you so desire.

Taking the long way around

Gran Turismo Sport January 2019 Update 1.32The new circuit added in Update 1.32 certainly sees GT Sport gamers getting value for money. At over 30km long, Special Stage Route X will be familiar to anyone who has played previous iterations of the Gran Turismo franchise.

It may only feature two corners, but with the longest straight measuring some 12km this is the track to find out what the ultimate highest speed is for the cars in your virtual garage.

A new GT League ‘Z Heritage’ event sees Nissan’s Z-cars battle it out on track, whilst other existing championships gain new rounds.

Wait, what about those playing Forza Horizon 4 on Xbox One?

Gran Turismo Sport January 2019 Update 1.32Sony PlayStation fans are not the only gamers getting free racing content this month. Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 4 also sees extra features, and seven special Mitsubishi models, added for free.

The Japanese brand had been notably absent from the open-world racing game, causing problems for those who needed a Lancer Evo to race against a Subaru Impreza. Now they have a choice of four Evolution versions, plus other performance Mitsubishi offerings.

New challenges and bonus content also play a part in the latest update.

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