Ford Focus ST Mountune

Mountune will make your Ford Focus ST diesel go even faster

Ford Focus ST Mountune

Mountune has been doing naughty but nice things to Ford products for many years, and for its latest trick, it is giving a boost to the Focus ST diesel.

The m460D power upgrade kit comprises an OBDII flashing cable, dongle, performance calibration and – for some must-have car park kudos – a Mountune badge. The result: a 20hp power increase and an extra 37lb ft of torque to deliver figures of 205hp and 332lb ft.

That torque figure nudges the Focus ST diesel to within 15lb ft of the fabled Focus RS. How’s that for some bragging rights?

Because 0-60mph times matter in the ST world, the Mountune kit sees the Focus diesel complete the sprint in 7.4 seconds – 0.7 seconds quicker than showroom version. Meanwhile, the 31-62mph time drops by 0.5 seconds.

David Moore, global brand manager at Mountune, said: “Mountune has been producing market-leading power upgrades for over a decade and this is the first time we’ve been able to unlock the potential in a ST diesel product.

“The standard Focus ST diesel is a great base car, but with the m460D kit installed we’ve been able to make it smoother, quicker and generally even more fun to drive.”

The kit – which is only available for cars with a manual gearbox – costs £429 for DIY installation or £350 for installation at Mountune’s HQ in Brentwood, with the lower cost due to the fact that the do-it-yourself version requires an individual dongle and cable. 

Buy a new Focus ST diesel, while stocks last

Ford Focus ST

Although an all-new Focus is on the way, it’s still possible to order the outgoing Ford Focus ST diesel. In standard Race Red colour and trim, an ST-2 diesel with a manual ‘box costs £24,760, which is £1,000 lower than the standard retail price. The diesel version costs £25,860.

The ST-3 hatchback costs £27,810 in Race Red, but standard kit includes the excellent Recaro Windsor leather.

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