The most Instagrammed cars in the world

Snap happy: from the Volkswagen Golf to the Ford Mustang, these are the most mentioned cars on Instagram

Instagram’s favourite cars

You might think that Instagram users love to post photos of sports cars and supercars, and for the most part, you’d be right. But according to a study conducted by insurance company Veygo, Instagrammers also enjoy snapping more mainstream models. Veygo looked at the two most popular hashtags for each model and combined them to reach the total number of hashtag mentions. Only cars still in production were considered for the list. The results are presented in reverse order.

25. Volkswagen Golf – 1,266,535 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

We suspect the Volkswagen Golf would have appeared further up the list, but Veygo excluded the hashtag #golf as it’s just as likely to be used for the sport. Instead, #vwgolf and #volkswagengolf were used to find the total number of mentions.

24. Audi S3 – 1,311,889 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

The Audi S3 has been mentioned 1,311,899 times. Combine this with the 1,263,839 mentions for the Audi A3 and the A3/S3 would have finished in a higher position.

23. BMW M2 – 1,389,175 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

Using the hashtags #bmwm2 and #m2, the BMW M2 finishes 23rd. We suspect the result has been skewed by Instagram’s appreciation of the Kent motorway.

22. Mazda MX-5 – 1,411,558 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

The Mazda MX-5 has been mentioned 1,411,558 times on Instagram, with Veygo using the hashtags #mazdamx5 and #mx5.

21. Vauxhall Corsa – 1,423,252 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

Far be it for us to fire a torpedo through Veygo’s methodology, but the use of the #opelcorsa hashtag might not be the best move when studying the Vauxhall Corsa. On the plus side, the #corsa hashtag is bang on brief.

20. Toyota Corolla – 1,492,653 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

Toyota Corolla is flying the flag for mainstream motors, although given the popularity of the car across the globe, perhaps its presence shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

19. Audi A4 – 1,591,794 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

Instagram users love the Audi A4, although the world’s appreciation of the road connecting London with Avonmouth might have added a few extra mentions.

18. Honda Civic Type R – 1,834,422 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

There can be no doubt about the #civictyper hashtag, but by using #typer, Veygo is failing to acknowledge the existence of the Type R versions of the Integra, Accord and NSX.

17. Porsche 911 – 1,940,424 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

Just the one hashtag was used for the Porsche 911, presumably because the #911 hashtag has been used for a number of different reasons.

16. Porsche Carrera – 2,077,459 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

We’re not sure why Veygo decided to split the Porsche Carrera from the 911, but it did, so here it is.

15. Mini Cooper – 2,131,312 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

Two hashtags have been used here, but while #minicooper is fair game, the #minione is a distinct model line and not related to the Mini Cooper.

14. Lamborghini Huracan – 2,203,050 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

The Lamborghini Huracan rocks in with a huge 2,203,050 mentions, with the total calculated using #lamborghinihuracan and #huracan.

13. Chevrolet Silverado – 2,254,244 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

This is an interesting one because while the all-conquering Ford F-150 is absent from the list, the Chevrolet Silverado romps home with 2,254,244 mentions.

12. Subaru Impreza – 2,670,309 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

We haven’t got a ‘Scooby Doo’ why the Mitsubishi Evo hasn’t made the top 25, but the Subaru Impreza is here with 2,670,309 mentions.

11. BMW M5 – 2,741,911 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

We promise to make no mention of the motorway linking the West Midlands with the West Country, but the BMW M5 is one of three BMW Motorsport products to appear in the top half of the table.

10. Audi R8 – 2,900,314 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

The Audi R8 is the final car not to break through the three million mark, but it’s clear that Instagram users rate the #R8.

9. Lamborghini Aventador – 3,085,336 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

The Aventador is the second and final Lamborghini to make the list, but there’s not a single Ferrari in the top 25. The LaFerrari was the highest ranked Fezza with 975,684 mentions.

8. BMW M4 – 3,432,052 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

Instagrammers love the BMW M4, with the #bmwm4 and #m4 hashtags combining to deliver 3,432,052 mentions.

7. Chevrolet Corvette – 3,963,740 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

The Corvette has as near-as-makes-no-difference four million mentions on Instagram, with Veygo using the #corvette and #vette hashtags.

6. Chevrolet Camaro – 4,686,969 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

But the Corvette is beaten by the Chevrolet Camaro, with the #chevycamaro and #camaro hashtags combining to deliver 4,686,969 mentions.

5. Jeep Wrangler – 5,137,019 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

One of two automotive icons in the top five, the Jeep Wrangler goes further than the Land Rover Defender by appearing on this list. Good effort.

4. BMW M3 – 5,817,457 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

The M3 is the highest ranked BMW, with 5,817,457 mentions.

3. Nissan GT-R – 7,019,123 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

This is a seriously impressive number, with the Nissan GT-R mentioned more than seven million times. But it’s beaten by a more humble Japanese car.

2. Honda Civic – 7,402,365 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

It’s the Honda Civic! Blimey.

1. Ford Mustang – 11,947,872 mentions

Instagram’s favourite cars

An automotive icon so famous it is known by its ‘surname’, the Mustang romps home to victory with a massive 12 million mentions.

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