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Ferrari is now the strongest brand in the world

Ferrari fans with the Scuderia logo

The Global 500 – the annual report on the world’s most valuable brands – has been revealed for 2019 by Brand Finance. Who holds the top spot, then? Apple? Google? Wrong. It’s a brand from the automotive industry: Ferrari.

That’s right, Ferrari is officially as the world’s strongest brand, period. It scored a 94.8 out of 100, with an AAA+ rating. That’s an increase of 3.3 points from 91.5 last year, allowing it to overtake McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Lego and Disney.  It previously held first place in 2014.

How do you work out the strength of a brand?

A multitude of factors play into the strength of a brand. Brand Finance looked at marketing investment, stakeholder equity and business performance. By these measures, Ferrari joins just 14 other brands in this year’s Global 500 that receive an AAA+ rating.

It’s not just Ferrari’s cars that reinforce its status. A global brand of merchandise, theme parks and a hotel fortify the marque’s presence and public awareness of it, without damaging its appeal as a luxury motor manufacturer.

Ferrari’s brand strength has strengthened its value, too. This year, the company is 27 percent up, with an $8.3 billion valuation.

Ferrari Portofino road trip

“As the world’s foremost luxury carmaker, Ferrari has an unparalleled level of brand recognition, upholding excellence for design and innovation,” said David Haigh CEO, Brand Finance.

“The prancing horse logo is a perfect symbol of the brand’s strength and vitality as it plans new models and reaches outside the auto industry.”

Other luxury automotive brands also carry major consumer appeal. Both BMW and Porsche get AAA brand strength ratings.



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