LB Works G mini

New Suzuki Jimny gets G-Class treatment: meet the Liberty Walk G Mini

LB Works G mini

If you’ve heard of Liberty Walk, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the polarising things they do to the world’s fastest and most expensive cars. Aventadors, 458s, even a Miura – all with wide-body kits, wings and air suspension to ‘slam’ them to the ground. Their next project? Chiron? 812 Superfast? Nope.

Say hello to the Liberty Walk Suzuki Jimny – the G mini.

As you might have worked out from images and from the name, they’re making no secret of the fact this kit is designed to bring out the baby G-Wagen in the Jimny. Both are the last bastions of body-on-frame design, yet are at polar opposites of the market.

Hollywood Boulevard meets the Lake District. What could be more fun than giving farmer boy Jimny a G-Class suit jacket?

That’s exactly what they’ve done, with very last-gen G bumpers and arches that echo LB Works’ own G-Class modifications. A new grille, carbon bonnet as well as lashings of carbon elsewhere, G63 style side-exhausts (!) and Brabus-style wheels complete the transformation.

Your sense of humour has to be lacking if you don’t think the G mini is hilariously brilliant. What we don’t know is what’s going on underneath (if anything) or indeed what the price is. Hit “Buy now” on the website and you’re invited to sign up to enquire.

The new Jimny was already definitely one of the coolest new cars you can buy. Whether Liberty Walk’s kit makes it cooler is down to specific taste. We’re just happy it exists – clever name, too.

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