M25 London Orbital motorway

M25 closed overnight in Kent due to SINKHOLES

M25 London Orbital motorwayThe M25 motorway was closed overnight in Kent following the discovery of two large sinkholes in the central reservation following torrential rain in the south east region.

However, in a surprise good news update for commuters, Highways England reports the motorway has now REOPENED between J4 and J5 in Sevenoaks, ahead of the morning rush hour. 

Highways England said the closure in the Sevenoaks area was due to a serious carriageway defect: Kent Police Roads Policing Unit confirmed it was due to the discovery of two sinkholes following an accident.

Motorists were advised to follow diversions:

  • Anti-clockwise: join M26 eastbound – join M20 – exit M20 J4 – circulate roundabout and rejoin M20 westbound – remain on M20 and rejoin M25 J3
  • Clockwise: exit M25 J4 – rejoin M25 anti-clockwise – at J3, join M20 eastbound – at J4, rejoin M20 westbound – continue to M26 – rejoin M25 at J5

Highways England contractors worked overnight to fix the sinkholes on the M25 with Kent Police. More information for motorists is being issued on the trafficengland.com website, the @HighwaysSEAST regional twitter feed, or by calling 0300 123 5000.

Further disruption for motorists is expected this week as severe weather continues. Forecasters are predicted 100mm of rain could fall, which could affect both road and rail networks.

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