The M11 is named England’s best motorway

Motorway speed limit 80

The M11 has been named England’s best motorway in a survey of 8,000 motorists. More surprising is the news that the M25 isn’t the least favourite.

Transport Focus asked road users about their last journey on a motorway or A-road managed by Highways England. The independent watchdog was seeking views on journey times, road surface quality and safety.

The M11, which stretches 51 miles from London to Cambridge, was built in the 1970s to transport people to Stansted Airport. One respondent to the survey said: “Easy way to go, everything went well, no roadworks or holdups.”

With a score of 92 percent, the M11 finishes just ahead of the M40 (91 percent), the M61 (89 percent) and the M3 (88 percent).

In the battle of the A-roads, it’s a victory for the A66. The major road runs from Middlesbrough to Workington and is one of the most important routes in the North. In part, it follows the course of the Roman road from Scotch Corner to Penrith.

In a report, Transport Focus said that 81 percent of road users are satisfied with their last journey on a road managed by Highways England. Meanwhile, 79 percent are happy with the journey time and 92 percent feel safe on the roads.

‘Some roads score much better’

Smart motorways slammed in MP's report

Transport Focus chief executive said: “In the 12 months before the coronavirus lockdown, more than three out of the four drivers were satisfied with their journey on England’s motorways and major A-roads – but some roads score much better.”

Indeed, the M20, which connects London with the ferry ports and Channel Tunnel, is named England’s worst motorway. The M23 (64 percent), M4 (70 percent), M27 (74 percent) and M25 (75 percent) were the other motorways to finish in the bottom five.

The M20 finishes bottom for the second year in a row. One road user slammed the motorway, saying: “Get the roadworks done – it’s been 50mph for too long – must be two years possibly…”

England’s motorways – best to worst

MotorwayScore (percent)
1. M1192
2. M4091
3. M6189
4. M388
5. A1(M)87
6. M5686
7. M6583
8. M6283
9. M682
10. M182
11. M582
12. M2575
13. M2774
14. M470
15. M2364
16. M2063

England’s A-roads – best to worst

Major A-roadsScore (percent)
1. A6690
2. A589
3. A3886
4. A1285
5. A4785
6. A384
7. A184
8. A1982
10. A4682
11. A1381
12. A281
13. A2781
14. A2380
15. A1478
16. A3067
17. A3466

The full report can be downloaded via the Transport Focus website.

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