London is the best city for Instagram supercar spotting

The best cities for supercar spotting have been revealed, according to Instagram – and London tops the list

Supercar spotting instagram London

London is the best city in the world for spotting supercars, according to a study that analysed social media activity.

Activity Superstore collated data from Instagram, based on the use of hashtags in various cities around the world over the past three years. For #supercar, Moscow, with 5,909,934 uses, was second only to London, with 6,146,924.

Supercar posts make up 4.15 percent of Instagram content uploaded in London, compared to 3.99 percent in Moscow. Third on the table – and with two million fewer hashtags – is Los Angeles, with 4,073,263. New York, Dubai and Paris follow in fourth, fifth and sixth. Dubai is curiously low considering how popular supercars seem to be in the Middle East.

Supercar spotting instagram London

As for the supercar marques with the most mentions, naturally, Ferrari leads the list, with 52,846,260. That’s almost five million above second-placed Lamborghini and almost 10 million more than third-placed Porsche.

Again, Bugatti is lower than you might expect, at just less than 17,000,000 mentions, but then you’re much less likely to see a Bugatti sidling down a city street than a Ferrari.

The boutique upstarts of the early 2000s, Pagani and Koenigsegg, languish lower down, with 7,977,568 and 4,903,286 hashtags respectively. 

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